The Haunted Librarian Issue’s Public Apology to Author Seph Lawless

The Real Haunted Librarian Exposed

Recently, a post by Blog Bully Busters exposed an internet bully by the name of Lesia Miller Schnur (real name Alesia Miller Schnur) for harassing and bullying authors online, has got a good response from the hateful, bullying blog known as the Haunted Librarian.


Alesia Miller Schnur aka the Haunted Librarian (pictured with her husband and daughter from her public law firm page courtesy of Facebook)

Alesia (Lesia) Miller Schnur has issued a public apology to Seph Lawless and a full retraction of its bullying blog. SEE HERE.

We here are Blog Bully Busters expose bullies then severely pressure the bullies to submit and take accountability for their actions. Harassment of journalist, authors and artists will not be permitted on wordpress.

We are thankful for all of the support on wordpress regarding the hateful, bullying blog and welcome the apology and retraction of the blog called The Haunted Librarian

One thought on “The Haunted Librarian Issue’s Public Apology to Author Seph Lawless

  1. Mary Beth says:

    So sad that Alesia Miller Schnur would teach her young daughter how to be a bully.

    It won’t be long till other girls and boys at her school see this online and tease her about her mommy behavior online.

    The Internet never forgets.

    Mary Beth

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