The Real Haunted Librarian Lesia Miller Schnur exposed

An online blog called The Haunted Librarian is advertised to be about paranormal research, but we found that the blog contains several blog posts that personally attack two authors: Seph Lawless (a pen name) and Joseph Melendez. After several complaints about this blog regarding harassment and online bullying, we decided to investigate a little further.

At Blog Bully Busters, we have always said that if your blog consists of several posts that personally attack the same person and don’t stick to the main topic of your blog, then we consider this a huge red flag. The blog The Haunted Librarian is clearly guilty of this and has posted seven blog posts in recent months personally attacking and bullying authors.

The Haunted Librarian is written by Lesia Miller Schnur, a former divorce lawyer who took up blogging as a late hobby. The blog talks about researching the paranormal, but is usually poorly written and doesn’t always stay on topic. Schnur often goes on tangents that seem highly personal and unprofessional, and perhaps her true goal of bullying clouds her judgment, making it impossible for her to write from a completely unbiased perspective.

Lesia Miller Schnur’s online bullying and abuse began with her very first blog post, in which she wrote about author Seph Lawless’ award-winning book 13: An American Horror Story. Schnur, who admits to never having read Lawless’ book, bases her judgment of the book only on one news article about it. Not only is this unprofessional, but we know that the media and press don’t always report the facts correctly, and this case is no exception. The Huffington Post interviewed Seph Lawless and found a few inaccuracies about locations in this article. For instance, the Nova House isn’t in Youngstown, but rather a few miles away in Nova, Ohio–hence the name “Nova House.” This was accurately reported in just about every news source imaginable (SEE HERE, HERE, and HERE), but The Haunted Librarian decided to attack the author, Seph Lawless, instead of the newspaper that printed the “slightly wrong” location for the house in the book. Instead, the hateful blog delivered a series of personal attacks against the author for doing nothing wrong, as can be seen in both the blog posts and the comments below them. The comments she allows her on her WordPress site are morally reprehensible, yet she even laughs at some of the hateful comments.

The Haunted Librarian claims that none of the ghost stories in Seph Lawless’ book are true, even though ABC NEWS and FOX NEWS cite factual evidence linked to actual real-life horror stories described in Seph Lawless’ book. You can read those stories HERE, with links to factual information. We trust ABC NEWS and even FOX NEWS to give us accurate, sourced information, not a blog like The Haunted Librarian, who doesn’t source any of her claims. So the Haunted Librarian blog is not just made up of blatant lies but they judge a book without reading it first and even ignore verifiable sources that back up Seph Lawless’ book. This makes Lesia Miller Schnur a liar and a fraud not Seph Lawless.

Then, after bullying and harassing Seph Lawless, The Haunted Librarian posted again, calling Seph Lawless a bully and accusing him of harassment. These words are not only inaccurate but slanderous, with malicious intent. Lesia Miller Schnur, aka The Haunted Librarian, justifies her response by sharing information she received from WordPress showing that Seph Lawless used the appropriate channels to report her account for using his copyrighted image and for allowing hateful, bullying comments on her blog. Seph Lawless never wrote her an email and never harassed Lesia Miller Schnur or bullied her. He simply used WordPress to voice his concern, which is by all means justified and is what makes WordPress a great blog platform. The Haunted Librarian, aka Lesia Miller Schnur, is exactly what makes WordPress a terrible platform because she uses it to bully, harass and attack authors.

The Haunted Librarian should have responded appropriately to Seph Lawless’ complaints, but instead she falsely accused Lawless of harassment and bullying with no proof and no evidence, making presumptuous and baseless accusations. This makes Lesia Miller Schnur a liar, a fraud and a bully.

Her recent post is perhaps the most disturbing. She aligns herself with two men who are being investigated for felony stalking. Stalking whom, you ask? Well, that would be an author by the name of Seph Lawless. Clearly, this is a post that will come back to haunt her more than any other ghost or spirit. Maybe then she could write about the real horror story of her life, which seems to be spiraling out of control.

It should be duly noted that paranormal explorer Nick Groff, a friend of Seph Lawless, finds this online behavior from The Haunted Librarian morally reprehensible, as does much of the paranormal community. The Haunted Librarian lost any credibility it ever had after engaging in online bullying and harassment of authors of the paranormal.

SOURCES: ABC NEWS, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, FOX NEWS and Lesia Miller Schnur personal blog entries.


Abandoned America | The Haunted Librarian | Sean Galbraith


  1. Lisa says:

    I heard about her blog and went to it. The Haunted Librarian has a whole section dedicated to Seph Lawless. That’s a huge sign that the blogger is malicious at her attempts at attacking Lawless out of pure jealously he is in the news.

    Lesia Miller Schnur never read Lawelss’ book how ignorant to judge a book by its cover.

    Her latest post on her blog brags about being friends with two men recently charged with felony stalking of Seph Lawless.

    I see future humiliation for this blogger publicly saying she’s friends with online stalkers. Her online reputation and blog will be destroyed soon. Women’s groups and anti-bully organizations already are protesting her blog and will continue. We will not allow women to be stalked online by these two men.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. BlogBullyBusters says:

      There are consequences for the company that you keep. Not to mention the members of Ghost Adventures that are close friends with Lawless are getting the paranormal community to rally against Lesia Miller Schnur and The Haunted Librarian blog for bullying and harassment of several people on her blog. She is supposed to be writing about the paranormal, but instead she is using it to harass and bully strangers online.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. C. says:

    I live in Marietta where Alesia Miller Schnur lives. Her daughter goes to school with my daughter. I’m telling my daughter what her friends mother is doing online.

    These fat bullies need to be exposed!

    And we will, thanks BBB!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

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