Seph Lawless/ Joseph Melendez Lies Blog Full of Lies

A blog full of slanderous lies, ironically called “Seph Lawless/ Joseph Melendez Lies,” is written by a jealous stalker of the popular celebrity photojournalist and reality star Seph Lawless. The blog is entirely made up out of its writer’s hatred of Seph Lawless and is filled with malicious and unsourced claims that completely make no sense.

For instance, the blogger’s most recent posts allege Lawless purchased fake followers based on no proof or evidence other than wondering why Lawless would gain more followers between October 31, 2015 and November 11, even asking the reader, “Did Seph get some serious press?”

Well, one would think the author of the blog, who seems obsessed with Lawless, would have noticed the fact that Seph Lawless’ recent book went viral, with coverage from not only ABC NEWS but the BBC News. With both of his television interviews having received over 9 million views between October 31 and November 11, 2015 worldwide, I’d say that is some serious press. (SEE HERE) and on ABC NEWS (HERE)

In fact, to date, both Instagram and Facebook have removed all spam accounts and aggressively stop spam followers on their platforms and to date Lawless has over a quarter of a million fans and followers. Seph Lawless is in the press a lot. How often, you ask? Lawless has gone viral 6 times in 2015 and was even voted Most Interesting Person for 2015 in Cleveland Magazine.

One would think if he bought followers, he would have a lot more than he does.

Seph Lawless’ Twitter account HERE is not only followed by several verified respected journalist but also followed by a list of celebrities. Lawless account is very active and his tweets get hundreds of likes and retweets shown below.


We also acquired data sent to us from Twitter showing detailed account information for Seph Lawless’ account between October 31 and November 11, 2015 showing almost 1,000 engagements a day higher than many high profiled celebrities on twitter. Sourced below:


Again, the blog continues to personally attack Lawless on unsourced claims, even sharing a few emails that the author got from stalking journalists that have reported on Lawless. We have obtained information from journalists saying they reported these emails with their legal department after the author of this blog posted personal emails from a Detroit Free Press documentary film maker and others, not realizing that it is against the law to do that. The Detroit Free Press has told us that they are suing the man for damages and have contacted the authorities.

How about the personal email belonging to the owner of the Land of Oz theme park? Well, she was mortified when we notified her of the exact date of the email from the stalker and she alerted the police immediately. All copies of the emails were sent to us to examine and we will be sharing the identity of the man behind the blog and emails shortly.

But for a moment, let’s just pretend those emails were obtained legally. Let’s carefully read the questions posed by this author. The author asks deliberately biased, even hateful questions designed to elicit a negative response. The author was so stupid he posted his questions with the answers, which exposed the fact they were coerced and fabricated. Under law, this isn’t allowed for a very good reason: because it is not only misleading but creates inaccurate and untruthful responses.

Let’s pretend the author even asked the questions in both emails without deliberate bias; we can prove the claims made by author Seph Lawless anyway. According to the Wall Street Journal and NPR, as a result of Lawless’ book, a yearly event at the popular Land of Oz theme park sold out twice as fast as last year. Since this email, the owners even praised Lawless for his work promoting the theme park after his cover story with The National Enquirer also ran on Halloween (yielding the popular Seph Lawless even more followers)

The author of the hateful blog was hoping that documentary film maker Brian Kauffman would tell him that Lawless wasn’t in the documentary, but clearly he was and even spoke in it, thereby proving that Lawless didn’t lie but was truthful. The fact that the documentary may or may not even be on Netflix isn’t even substantiated by Kauffman, but rather, he says, “I doubt that will happen.”

As it turns out, Brian Kauffman has since said it is going to be on Netflix in 2016. Once again, Lawless has been telling the truth, even though his jealous stalker says otherwise.

The rest of the blog claims Lawless lied about ghost stories, which is even too ridiculous to bother refuting, and also claims that Lawless lied about locations even though all the houses are listed in just about every news story online, showing the same exact address. SEE HERE and HERE

Looks like the SEPH LAWLESS LIES blogger can’t read sourced news stories correctly; but, judging by how poorly written the blog is, we are not surprised.

It should be duly noted that we are tracking the website, and it literally has been viewed 46 times. It is hardly worth mentioning here, but we will be linking this story to another story linking the personal information of this stalker, exposing the man behind the blog to the world for all to see.


6 thoughts on “Seph Lawless/ Joseph Melendez Lies Blog Full of Lies

  1. K.B. says:

    I’m a journalist with the HuffPost and was harassed almost daily by the man that authored that hateful blog. He wrote several emails trying to get me to go to his link. After I did I was able see it clearly was a jealous competitor of Seph Lawless and simply ignored it.

    After being harassed for simply interviewing Seph Lawless I forwarded all the emails to Lawless and his lawyers, so they knew just how unstable this man is.

    I also reported it to the legal department here at HuffPost and made my name private on the story to avoid future harassment. As a result, I indexed the story so that it will never be removed or altered, out of pure determination to show bullies that respected journalist will never be bullied, especially by cowards hiding behind online blogs.


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  2. Rebecca says:

    Yes, I too was harassed by this obsessed man behind the blog, so I had a hacker find out who the person is and his name is Sean Galbraith, a 41 year old urban planner from Toronto, I’m pretty sure this information is going to hurt his career and personal relationships. We are exposing him on several blogs soon with his IP address and sending his close friends, family member and co-workers all of this new information so they can see how he’s bullying respected journalist online.

    Anonymous is now involved after Sean released private emails between a journalist and himself online.

    He’s in some serious shit and has no idea what’s about to happen.

    Keep up the good work Bully Busters!!

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  3. Mary Beth says:

    I came across this blog after seeing the other blog. This blog is way more convincing to me doesn’t come across as bias as the other blog.

    I suppose calling your blog so and so lies isn’t a good way to get people to take yoir serious they just click on to the next.

    Then again bullies aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

    Mary Beth

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  4. Daniel says:

    Is that other blog really that stupid it can’t read Seph Lawless’ copyright form correctly?

    It clearly states Seph Lawless AND Joseph Melendez which is a pen name hence the aka in the copyright.

    Two names CLEARLY separated by a comma. That blogging moron clearly is ignorant. I couldn’t take anything he said seriously after getting that wrong.

    Liked by 1 person

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