Seph Lawless real name is not Joseph Melendez and that rumor only started after someone incorrectly read the real copyright for Seph Lawless’ work registered publicly online.

Joseph Melendez is a popular actor that is fans of Lawless’ books and Melendez actually wrote the introduction and why the name Joseph Melendez appears on the copyright for Seph Lawless’ book called Black Friday the collaspe of the American shopping mall. Most people aren’t smart enough to realize that there are, in fact, two different individuals listed on the copyright using a comma, both names being Seph Lawless and Joseph Melendez.

Seph Lawless used online trolls to his advantage by spreading this lie, so it would spread online pushing the online prank even more, which caused confusion and mystery over the real name of the famous Banksy-like photographer and artist.

The real name of Seph Lawless is still unknown and Joseph Melendez clearly is not Seph Lawless.  Joseph Melendez appeared in the movie Fast and the furious among other Hollywood hits. Seph Lawless is considered  the most popular photographer in modern time. Seph Lawless and his images have went viral several times and reported all over the world. Seph Lawless is a real contributor for the Huffington Post and appears on television as a political expert on social issues facing America.

The real problem with America is the economic real life horror story that is flourishing and Seph Lawless shows us this with his images.

In 2015, Seph Lawless was hired by the Guardian Newspaper to document the 10th anniversary of hurricane katrina, which sent him to the most dangerous parts of New Orleans. The real and haunting images showed rampant devastation years after katrina and the shocked many people around the world. Lawless’ images quickly went viral and started serious political discussions by city officials that drew even more attention to the devastated regions of New Orleans.

The real Seph Lawless has authored several well known photo books that received rave reviews. To date those books are Autopsy of America, Black Friday, 13-An American Horror Story, Pet Cemetery-In Loving Memory, The Last Lap-North Wilkesboro Speedway, Bizarro-The World’s Most Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Theme Parks, The Variety Theater-The Night Motorhead Brought Down the House, Hauntingly Beautiful, Seasons in the Size of Days and The Trolley Tragedy of 1957.

In 2017, a major book publisher announced they will be releasing his new book called Autopsy of America: The Death of a Nation in books stores worldwide. Actor Joseph Melendez will be joining Seph Lawless on his book tour that will be widely reported in the press.

Seph Lawless real name is still unknown. You can read his Wikipedia page here.